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RELEASE Your Stress - Facial Care

Naturally formulated treatments based on thorough skin analysis and individual client objectives.

NOTE: All facials (except the Mini Facial) include an eye, hand and lip treatment. .

Dr. Hauschka Classic Facial - $95

Part of the 2-hr Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment, this facial naturally stimulates movement of lymph, detoxifies & promotes skin renewal. Nourishing and intensely hydrating as well.

Dr. Hauschka Treatment - $245

Two full hrs. of bliss, with detoxification literally from head to toe. A facial, body & foot treatment all rolled into one. Includes products for homecare maintenance.

Note: The body treatment addresses the arms & legs. It is Not a body wrap.

Mother Earth's Bounty - $115

Experience the ultimate source of natural nourishment for the skin, with herbs and organic ingredients custom-blended to exfoliate, detoxify & hydrate. 

Daylight Savings - $95

Turn back the clock with this age-defying, incredibly hydrating and firming treatment. Contains THREE

sources of collagen to plump and fortify your skin.

Mini Facial - $75

Sometimes called a 30-minute tease, but soothing and relaxing nonetheless.

Baby's Bottom - $115

The ultimate in smooth, this treatment contains glycolic acid to immediately exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth fine lines, tone & tighten the  skin, and improve the appearance of dark spots & scars. Includes super-hydration & sun protection.

Back Facial - $65

Lots of TLC to make your back as appealing as your front. Treat acne, exfoliate and hydrate that hard to reach areas.

​Other Good​ies

Infrared Sauna - $50

45 minutes

Touch My Tootsies - $45

The power of human touch is indescribable; especially when it comes to the feet. Treat YOUR feet to a super relaxing (yet energizing) and super hydrating experience!

L​ash T​int​​ - $35

​Get thicker and fuller lashes without the expense, hassle & danger of "falsies". Naturally enhance the appearance of your own lashes.

Brow Tint - $35

Achieve full and sculpted brows that last 6 to 8 weeks.

Waxing: See "Grin & Bare It"

RESTORE Your BalanceBody Delights

Whether your goal is to reduce COVID anxiety, overcome physical pain, lose inches off your waist, reduce cellulite, improve your skin, or cleanse your body of toxins, these anti-stress, body contour, super-hydrating body masks and services will do just that!. Enjoy 30 - 180 minutes of effective, blissful body treatments.


Your choice of Relaxation or Therapeutic massage (ask about our Pain Management package as a natural alternative to opioid medication). 

Intoxicate your total body with this soothing yet invigorating application of custom-blended essential oils. Achieve relaxation, rejuvenation and healing for your body, mind & spirit.




30 mins



60 mins



90 mins



Outcalls (House calls)

Note: 2-person minimum

30 minutes - $175

60 minutes - $225

90 minutes - $295


Relieve back pain, leg cramps and overall discomfort associated with pregnancy.

30 minutes - $85

60 minutes - $115

ONCOLOGY Massage - $125

A safe, effective method of massage to combat the side-effects of Cancer treatment. Relieves pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Note: Requires physician approval. Length of session depends on client's energy level. 


Maintain the critical flow of lymph fluid after surgery, with manual lymph drainage (MLD). For post-surgery Liposuction & 360 BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift).

Note: Physicians recommend at least  

10 - 14 sessions following surgery.

1 session -     $110

10 sessions - $899

360 BBL Lymphatic Drainage

1 session - $175

10 sessions - $1499

Body Polish - $135

A skin renewal treatment using exfoliation and deep conditioning to polish even the driest skin to a healing glow. Customized for all skin types including very sensitive skin.

45 minutes

Body Mask/Wrap $165

Includes a complete Body Polish, followed by a penetrating hydration treatment to lock in moisture.

Lipo Cavitation (one area)

Per Session

5 Sessions



The Non-invasive and safe alternative to liposuction; at a fraction of the cost. Breaks down fat cells that are eliminated through lymph and urine. Great for reducing fat that is resistant to diet & exercise. 

60 minutes

Cupping - $90

Detox your vital organs, alleviate pain & inflammation, and increase circulation with this ancient form of alternative "medicine". Perfect for relaxation with deep tissue benefits. 

Note: Temporary bruising (from cup placement) may occur.

45 minutes 

Reflexology - $85

Reduce pain, relax and de-stress your entire body, by applying pressure & massage to targeted areas of your feet. Also highly effective in treating side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatment.

60 minutes

RESURRECT Your GreatnessWellness

Treatments to uplift and inspire you to become the very Best version of yourself. Gift certificates available.

Reiki & Crystal Therapy - $85

Experience ancient Tibetan natural healing. Soothe your mind, body & spirit, and empower your total being. Balance your chakras [energy centers] and receive Universal Life-Force Energy with the help of Spiritually charged & intentioned gemstones.

60 minutes 

Sound Healing - $55

Immerse yourself in a "sound bath" to boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and improve your nervous system while transforming your spirit, with the sound of crystal singing bowls.

30 minutes

Kundalini Yoga

Known as the "Mother of all yogas", Kundalini was the first form of yoga practiced. It is the yoga of consciousness and manifestation. Utilize your personal energy &  chakras to achieve physical health & elevate your consciousness.

(​Individual Instruction60 minutes 

Per Session

10 Sessions



Health & Wellness Coaching - $110

Partner with a Board-certified holistic coach to change crisis and transition to transformation. Re-position yourself for the best years of your Life!

60 minutes

Call to schedule a FREE consultation.

Mindful Meditation - $40

There are many forms of meditation. This is a holistic approach to find the one best-suited for you. Personalized guided meditation to fit your needs and your level of practice. Beginners welcome.  

30 minutes