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A mini-vacation, heavily steeped in Wellness...

Global Wellness Tourism (GWT) at Angelic Moon is a 2-day/2-night mini-vacation, heavily steeped in Wellness, with individual attention. This is a TOTALLY PRIVATE holistic experience with one-on-one activities, workshops and instruction. You Do Not share time and activities with other guests. An individual, personalized 2-day holistic itinerary is created for you based on your stated objectives and needs. For two days and nights guests are housed at a cottage with nearby amenities including a saltwater pool, hot tub, tennis and bocce courts and scenic bike trails.

Here in the Florida Keys we highly regard marine and all wildlife. Therefore, in addition to mindful & wellness activities an Eco-activity will be included in your itinerary. Also included in your package are meals (plant-based) and lodging. 

It’s a mini-vacation, with Wellness at the forefront, with lots of individualized attention. Schedule time for yourself.

CALL TODAY!  (305)745-9979

Packages start at $3'875.

GWT guests have the option to bring an additional person. Pricing for 2nd guest is $2875. 

* Itineraries for both guests are the same.